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Getting paid to shop can be a very fun experience and is so easy you wouldn't believe it. It's a dream job for many! It can be great to go shopping at popular stores and dining in nice restaurants...and getting paid for it all! You will most likely find secret shopping as something you love to do. Do you have a keen eye, attention to detail, and the ability to be impartial and reliable? mystery shopping may just be the right job for you!

Now, let's discuss more of what mystery shopping is and how you too can soon become one.

A mystery shopper is like an undercover agent. You might accept assignments for restaurants, grocery stores, automobile dealers, retail stores, or amusement parks. Just about any type of business you can think of could benefit from the services of a mystery shopper. You receive a specific assignment for your shop. For example, you may be asked to describe the parking facilities, cleanliness, friendliness of staff, and your wait time at a restaurant.

Whenever you are on an assignment you must never be detected. The staff should not suspect that you evaluating them or they would treat you differently. You are not suppose to spy on employees,
or try to find things wrong or right but simply follow the script that comes with your assignment and provide a fair and impartial evaluation.

You are the one who will be keeping the corporate headquarters informed and they need you to maintain yourself in a professional and appropriate manner. For a business to be successful, they must maintain customer satisfaction. They can better please the customer if they understand how the customer is being treated and if their product is being sold as they intended.

You will have the benefit of working around your schedule, which can be beneficial for a housewife, mother or part time worker. Some places may want you to go to their establishment only during certain hours, i.e. happy hour, early bird specials, moonlight madness sales, etc. You may be able to request certain hours of the day that are best for you, such as early mornings for momís with small children in preschool or late afternoons-early evenings for those who already hold down a part time job.



Company Comments
A&A Merchandising Ltd
A fully integrated marketing services company that implements marketing programs at the retail level. (Australia, Canada, USA)
A Closer Look, Inc
Focus on the hospitality industry. They are a reimburesment only company. They do not pay a fee to their shoppers.
A Step Above Service Evaluations
Retail and hospitality industry
A Top Shop
Shops are paid on a flat fee basis. Most shops pay $10-20 per hour. Some shops include benefits such as reimbursement for meals, movie tickets, merchandise, hotel stays, etc.
Acra, Inc
Visit restaurants, retail stores, and entertainment complexes like amusement parks or gamerooms. Site has listing of available jobs.
Ann Michaels & Associates, Ltd
Employee Evaluations/Telephone Surveys/Employee target reporting
Associate Consumer Evaluations (ACE) Mystery Shopping
They handle all types of shops, including restaurants, liquor stores, retail, and convenience stores. (Only Georgia, Kansas, Missouri and Tennessee)
Amusement Advantage
A Mystery Shopping company specializing in the amusement industry. They work exclusively with amusement parks, theme parks, water parks, family entertainment centers, etc and are always accepting new applicants from all regions.
Anonymous Insights
On-site audits/Telephone audits/Promotion audits/ID checks/Customer intercepts.
Anonymous Shoppers & Assessments of Pittsburgh (A
Specializes in high-end restaurants, bartender accountability, wireless services, and specialty shops. When shop is performed satisfactorily, a check is issued within 7 days. (Pittsburgh, PA area)
Apartment Shoppe
Recruits shoppers nationwide to do what else, apartment shops.
Assure Quality Systems(AQS)
Restaurant shops only. Texas Roadhouse Restaurants (all locations), Tumbleweed Tex-Mex (all locations), Charlie Browns restaurants (New York/New Jersey area), TeeJays (Columbus Ohio area) and Country Kitchen (Missouri).
At Your Service Marketing
Mystery shopping, merchandising, and demos. (Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana areas)
Informa Research Services
Variety of industries such as financial and retail. Detail oriented company.
Best Mark
Their clients include restaurants, retail stores, casinos, shopping malls, banks, and hotels. Site has listing of available jobs.
Beyond Hello
Reflecting the customer's experience. Site has listing of available jobs.
Beyond Marketing Group
Clients include retail stores, banks, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, and medical centers.
BMA Mystery Shopping Services - Best Market Audits
Shopping, compliance audits, and customer counting.
Business Evaluation Services (BES)
Variety: automotive, banking, theme parks, restaurants, retail, and gas stations. Site has listing of available jobs.
California Marketing Specialists
Apartment shops. (All States)
Campus Consulting
Clients range from bookstore chains to financial services companies to shopping centers.
Certified Reports, Inc
Mystery shopping, theater checks and evaluations, and auditing. Site has listing of available jobs.
Check Mark, Inc
Banking, retail, restaurant, entertainment/leisure. Site has listing of available jobs.
Check-Up Marketing
Visit department stores, specialty shops, restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, hotel, banks, etc.
Cirrus Marketing Consultants
CKA Group, Inc
Variety of clients which include banking, retail, automotive and the hospitality industry. (Formerly known as Service Quest)
Confero The Service Resources Group
Retail, grocery, and automotive shops. Site has listing of available jobs.
Consumer Critique, Inc
Inquire about assignments via email to celia@consumercritique.com.
Consumer Impressions
Restaurant shops and in store and promotional audits.(FL, LA, OK, TX)
Consumer Research Group (CRG)
Retail chain shops.
Corporate Research International (CoRI)
Shops are performed nationally in the banking, retail, entertainment, multi-family housing, and convenience store industries. (Formerly Employee Evaluators).
Count on Us
Clients include banks, restaurants, hotels/motels, retail stores and supermarkets.
Coyle Hospitality Group
Specializations: Upscale Restaurants and Hotels Only. Shoppers should dine in upscale restaurants frequently on business and pleasure and be able to write well. (New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, New England States, Las Vegas.)
Customer 1st
Mystery shopping and on-site inspection service for the following industries: Banking, Retail, Fast Food, Fine Dinning, Medical, New Home Construction.
Customer Perspectives
Restaurants, banks, department stores, specialty stores, and more. Site has listing of available jobs.
Customer Service Experts, Inc
Retail, airport, event, destination, entertainment and food concessions.
Sensus Research, Inc.
Autos, appearal, jewelry, and restaurant shops. (Canada, USA)
Data Quest Investigations, Ltd
Integrity inspections and customer service evaluations. Industries served: financial, entertainment, hospitality and retail. (Slow to pay.)
IThe financial industry's leading information resource. Evaluations provided in all areas: consumer, business, upscale, lending, and mortgage.
David Sparks & Associates (DSA)
Emphasis in the financial and healthcare fields, as well as other service industries and manufacturing.
DSG Associates
Shops the retail food service industry.
Excel Shopping & Consulting
Based in Carrollton, TX. They shop apartment communities throughout the USA. Inquire about assignments via email to info@xcelshop.com. Shoppers should have Microsoft Excel or access to a fax.
Eyes R Us, Inc
They do mystery shopping, merchandising and market research. Mystery shops pay between $8.00 to $30.00 plus reimbursement. Most mystery shops require a digital camera.
Feedback Plus, Inc
Shops in the retail, financial, hospitality, and service industries.
First Bank
Evaluate customer service for this Colorado bank.
Focus on Service
Runs the secret shopper program to evaluate the service and food at Bertucci's, Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse, and Longhorn Steakhouse.
Full Scope Mystery Shopping
Restaurants, retail businesses and other service businesses.
Golden Resources Marketing Group
Mystery shopping, merchandising, and point of sale marketing audits to a wide variety of businesses.
Graymark Security Group
Visit businesses ranging from retail stores and restaurants to nightclubs, hotels, cruise lines and other customer oriented.
Green & Associates
Specializes in the hospitality industry.



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