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American Consolidated Enterprises, Inc. P.O. Box 390099, Daytona, FL 32739, 407-574-5350 This company pays up to $450.00 per week to make & assemble Buddy Bears. They provide all needed materials and will buy back all completed products. Easy instructions! Hand or machine sewing knowledge will be helpful. For more information send a long self-addressed stamped envelope. Include a cover letter to introduce yourself and to inquire about the company.



Angel Pins Creations, Inc 1957 SR 60 East, PMB 124, Valrico, Florida 33594, 1-813-659-0168 Assemble Angel Pins At Home. No experience or special equipment needed.


Angelic Creations PO Box 4620-WN, Traverse City, MI 49685 If you like to make angels. this company will pay you $45.00 for every 10 angels you make. NO SEWING REQUIRED! And the company supplies all of the needed materials.


Art International P.O. Box 28307 Kenneth City, FL 33709. - This company farms out the assembly of FM modulators and is currently looking for assemblers. They pay 7.50+ postage for each modulator assembled. They include a lifetime work guarantee. website: email:


City Capes Dept NIC, PO Box 2095, Vacaville, CA 95696 Sewing- Sewing children's unique hair cutting capes. Send SASE for information


Craftco 1106 N. Gilbert Rd, #2131, Mesa. AZ 95203 Workers needed to assemble toys. You can earn up to $300 a week. Send a self addressed stamped envelope for more information.


Creative Crafters Dept NIC, P.O. Box 58, Brandon, MS 39043 Send a S.A.S.E. for brochures and complete details.


Creative , 19 Sunset Ave, Long Branch, NJ 07740 If you like hand stitching, this would be a fantastic opportunity to make ornaments. This company pays $96/unit of 36 ornaments plus up to $6/unit s&h. Will buy up to 2 units per week from you.


Creative Wood Works P.O. Box 21, Dept. AHL, Monmouth Beach, NJ 07750 Make wooden pull-toys for toddlers Pieces need to be Cut, Sanded, Painted and Assembled. Pays $96.00 per unit of 24 toys. Three designs to choose from. Requires a scroll or jig saw. Send long SASE for more information


Desert Designs P.O. Box 2893, Dept AH, Gardenerville,  NV 89410, 702-782-6524

If you would like to make Wooden Light Switch Covers This company will pay you $125.00 or every unit of 52 wooden light switch covers that you make and get reimbursed for shipping costs. Company pays within 48 hours of receipt of quality workmanship.


Design Plus Web Hosting 3 Essex Court Edison, N.J. 08817, They have been in business for over 8 years. They pay and farm out their work to assemble CD modulators. They pay $7.50/each. They can even send a sample of work to be done No selling required.


Dough Darlings -P. 0. Box 4020- Traverse City, MI 49685 Assembly and more. The company will provide you with easy step-by-step instructions to make their Dough Darlings. Send an S.A.S.E. for free brochures and complete details.


Easy Coasting PO Box 40360, Redford, MI 48240 Assembling coasters that are made from plastic canvas and stitched with yarn. Send an S.A.S.E. for free information brochures containing complete details.


Easy Mark By Rets PO Box 504, DEPT AHLF, Florence, MS 39073 800-853-1154

make unique bookmarks, company pays you to make quality handcrafted designed bookmarks. You can make up to $352.00 per week Start up kit is refundable. Call or send SASE


Easy Work Connection 9776 Hathaway Dr,. Northville MI 48167 Assemble Greeting Cards From Home! Make $584 weekly! FREE starter kit and other kits available to assemble jewelry, !


Fire Mountain Gems 11274 Ventura Blvd, N. Hollywood, CA 91604 This company will help you get started in the jewelry making business. Write for details.


Fishtale & Mousetooth 9406 Main  St, Manasas, VA 22110 This company prefers fine crafts of all kinds. Send photos along with SASE for more information,


Formal Bib Co. PO Box 4077 WN, Fullerton, GA 92834 Sew tuxedo baby bibs. Send a long SASE for more information.


Gone Fish'n Tackle Co 3267 Bee Caves Rd, #107-185, Austin, TX 78746 This company pays 50 cents each for the 24 flies you assemble from this start-up package. Send an S.A.S.E. for free brochure and complete details.


Her Home Business P.O. Box 48594 Fort Worth TX 76148, They can help you turn your hobby, whether it's throwing pottery or firing ceramics, needlework, sewing, embroidery, knitting, jewelry making, tailoring, or even carpentry into a $500/day home business. website:


Holiday Craft Ornaments Box 882314, San Francisco, CA 94188 This company pays up to $315 per week for make holiday decorations. This is a year round business so you can work through-out the year .


Homespun Jewelry 1239 Western St #G -Fairfield, CA 94533 Assemble beaded products from home. For more information send a SASE.


Hygenol Company Inc. 73 Crescent Ave., New Rochelle, NY 10801 Home workers assembly work involves participation in the manufacture of powder puffs. Send long SASE for more information.


Indian Crafts 3222 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007 This company will only accept authentic American Indian Arts and they will require authenticity. Send photos and documentation.


IT At Home RR 11 Box 11005 PMB 183 Stroudsburg PA 18360 Learn Computer Networking with one-on-one; easy to understand, personalized instructions, tailored to your needs. Our Network Specialist course will teach you PC Assembly & Troubleshooting, Networking, and provide personalized assistance until you pass the CCNA examination! website: email:


Kitchen Crafts, PO Box 2310, Vacaville, Ca 95696 Sewing placemats and oven mitts from home. Send a SASE envelope for details. Include a cover letter.


Knit Kit 1996 State  RT 27, #7, Edison, NJ 08817 Handy work/assembly work.


Lasting Impressions 4407 Vineyard Rd., Ste. 05, Orlando, FL 32811 New jewelry opportunity in which you can custom make beautiful beaded jewelry. Write for information.


Makin' It Easy, Inc P.O. Box 536, Rex, GA 30273 Assemble "Fancy Frames." Send an S.A.S.E. for brochures and complete details.


Mandala Designs  RFD #1, Box 480, Starks, ME 04911 Machine knitting of woolen outer wear including sweaters, jackets, socks, scarves, and hats. Must be experienced and own a knitting machine. Company provides supplies and patterns.


Mark Martin Association 92 Brighton 11th St., Brooklyn, NY 11235 This company offers a variety of home based jobs. Everything from sports to electronics and more. Full or part time work is available. No experience is necessary. Write for details.


Muentener Embroidery Co. 6904 Adams St., Guttenberg, NJ 07093 Home workers do home assembly work. Send long SASE for more information


New Mexico Custom Design PO Box 27417, Albuquerque, NM 87125 Home workers assemble beaded jewelry from their home. Video instructions are available. Send SASE for more information.


Novelty Knitwear Rt. 100 Box 115, S. Londonderry, VT 05155 Knitting of outerwear. For more information send a long self-addressed stamped envelope and include a cover letter 


Park Schiffli 9221 Kennedy Blvd., N. Bergen, NJ 07047 Trimming embroidery products. Send SASE for more information.


Prism/Odessey 101 Central St., Millville, MA 01529 Home workers work in jewelry assembly. For more information, send a SASE.


Radall Co. 6336 N. Oracle Rd, #326-239, Tucson, AZ 85740 Earn money working at home painting toys. Earn over $500 a month in your spare time for completed work. Earning potential is very good. Send SASE for information on how to begin work.


San Francisco Jewelry PO Box 10267, San Rafael, CA 94912 Assembling beaded earrings by hand. Workers are independent contractors and purchase their own supplies and pay their own taxes. Glass beads will be supplied by the company if there is no source available where the worker lives. Postage cost is shared by the company. Pays up to $245.00 per week. No selling required.


Seventeenth Colony House 3986 Main St, Hilliard, OH 34026 This company is interested in quality hand crafted & woven items you produce. Will accept jewelry, stoneware and collectibles. Send Photos. The company buys outright. For more information send a SASE.


Simple Knots, Inc. Dept. NIC, PO Box 1533. Brandon, MS 39043- 800-421-9746 Making bracelets at home! The bracelets are easy to make. If you can braid and tie a knot, you can do this. Send an S.A.S.E. for free brochures and complete details.


Simply Scrubs 9461 Winewood Cir. -Elk Grove, CA 95758 Sew medical scrubs for nurses and medical techs. Earn $13.50/top and $15.50/jacket. Must be willing to sell your product on consignment. Company will aggressively market on your behalf.


Stuff 4 Kids PO Box 1060 -El Toro. CA 92630 Sewing & embroidering baby bibs. For more information. send a long SASE.


Sunrise Arts and Crafts P.O. Box 18070, Kearns, UT 84118 Three beautiful dolls for assembly. You can make one, or all three dolls. Send an S.A.S.E. for free brochures and complete details.


Techbix 4173 Main Street, Ste. 300, Bridgeport, CT 06606 Techbix has an outlet for electronic muscle stimulation systems. They want home workers to assemble them for them. Easy to assemble and no experience is required. Easy to follow instructions are included,


Terco Marketing Po Box 10143, Wilmington, DE 19850 Mail out brochures of information to interested parties who contact you through your own advertising.


The Sunflower Patch P O Box 205- Cedar, MI 49621 Sew and assemble Plastic Bag Tidies that are used to store plastic grocery bags. Send an S.A.S.E. for free brochures and complete details.


Tongue River Bows PO Box 6399 WN, Sheridan, WY 82801 Assemble suede lace hair bows.


U.S. Crafts -Assembly P. 0. Box 1529, Gardnerville, NV 89410- 800-311-9909 Make wood angel ornaments, wood light switch covers, hair barrettes or glamour bows at home. Send an S.A.S.E. for FREE brochures and complete details to the address listed.


Valerie's Hattery, Inc. 13435 S Cedar Rd, Cedar, MI 49621 Assemble potpourri bonnets from your home. Send a SASE envelope for details. Include a cover letter.


West Art 1702 W. Camelback Rd., Ste. 13. Phoenix, AZ Earn up to $350.00 a week making cut baby and toddler moccasins. They supply the materials and buy back the finished product. They provide complete training. Write for details and send 2 stamps to help with shipping information.


Willitts Desisns 1327 Clegg Street, Box 178, Petaluma, CA 94953 Designs are three-dimensional, made of porcelain and earth ware as gift items. Designs range from whimsical to serious. Send full color design samples, along with your resume. Pay varies


Sold as Information only: This manual is as current or up to date as possible. We believe that the companies listed in this manual are believed to conduct business in an ethical manner. However, we are not responsible for any conduct if any company represented in this manual. Nor are we responsible for any broken agreements or contracts or any gains or losses due to the result of information provided in this manual. This responsibility lies strictly with the people entering the contract and/or agreement and solely their responsibility.





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